Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Patience is a virtue, persistance pays off

Patience is a virtue, persistance pays off so my Grandmaother used to say...I have great faith in my Nan so I do try and apply her homilies.
That one is especially important living in India [really anywhere in life!]
A big contribution I think I can make with Shakti is to work with some of the older children/ young people and Mothers on income producing projects [funds will go to them as wages and excess into running Shakti]...

So I have been wracking my brain and quizzing everyone I meet for ideas.
one thing I know we can lay our hands on are second hand saris, lots of them actually.
I was simply going to wander down to the market in Ajmer and buy some up, mentioning this to some of my friends here in Pushkar...
it was no, no , no you don't do that.
OOpps I supposed I had broken a taboo about using second hand goods [ I know you would only do it here if you were desperately poor]
but it was not that...another taboo completely
you never go directly to the market...you ask your friends if they have any friends who knows a man, who knows a man or even better is related to him who sells or wholesales second hand saris and that way you will get a good price.
AAANNNDDD this is all done by the men for you, so you don't need to go to the hassles of looking yourself...
The darlings have had a lesson in patience as they keep bringing me bundles and I keep saying "not quiet right...perhaps if you take me with you it will be easier " [gentle persistance on my part]...
Well yesterday it was decided to take me to the warehouse [1 small room]...across ownone way, then a better idea occured and I was popped on a motorbike and taken across town the other [all the while me giving my new nephew Geetu strick instructions to go slow or I start to scream!! Good boy he got the idea]
And here we are...they proved to be polyester saris...but felt so silky and the colours were so lovey and I just wanted to get started I bought 1 dozen...
Here are some already shredded...and as I was leaving I spied some scraps of old silk saris and fairly pounced on them [ so funny- Indian ladies are rather demure in public, where as I am Australia and am rather enthusiastic- I am saying loudly "WOW!! that is it, yes please!"
It is always a surprise to those that have not had a lot of contact with foreigners...I do try and remeber to be a bit ladylike. My dear Nan did try and teach me all the proper ways...but some things I am still working on]
And here is one I have been working on...it still needs to be lined and useful pockets added...handles are an issue

Some of the Mums are gypsy people and this is a necklace they have produced, I am thinking those same skills could be put to use and modified for handles. We want to make a quality product we can sell in good shops in the west.

We have an Irish traveller, Onya visiting and helping with the children at Shakti this week...and she came home and had a cooking class last night.
First cooking student at THAT PUKKA PLACE!!
She was saying she loves Indian food, I felt like cooking..so it worked out well.
I called upon Ramsingh to do the chapatis...
Parveen loves chapati with his food, and promised our household would be half Indian, half Australian...so he would help in the kitchen [a big concession as 'married' men are traditionally not expected to do house chores.]
Seems he is rather useless but the desire for chapati is inspiring him to be there and learn other things as well, good man.
As far as he knows I don't know how to make chaparti- and don't anyone tell him otherwise!! Parveen is away this week so I called upon an expert and Ramsingh demonstated.

Dinner: mixed vegetables, spiced potatoes, ladies fingers, chickpea dal, tomato patcherry[ a south indian yoghurt and coconut type salad], lime pickle, mint chutney and lovely fresh chapati. All eaten Indian style of course, with the hands so much more yummy!
One my of my house pets a chipli or gecko had dinner as well.

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