Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ba Be Lake - Vietnam Sketching Tour

Ba Be :Lake and a glorious day boating....and sketching

Rice Harvest time so plenty of interest and activity in the fields...
The patient and enthusiastic Leonie Norton our wonderful tutor and some of our group on their first open air sketch...

Straight onto the plane and off to Vietnam….I am ssssssssssssooooooooooooo lucky to be here again, and that is also the response of the group I am sharing the experience with- happy and privileged to be here.
My roll is simply co-ordinating a Sketching tour, which means I am almost having a holiday.
Leonie Norton is our tutor and doing a wonderful job sharing her skills and expertise about sketching and Khanh our guide looks after all the details[including organizing the most wonderful means]…so we trundle along together, find something appealing, pull out our stools or a nearby rock and catch the moment in a sketch.
Most of the participants are quiet new to this [so am I , drawing is not a forte of mine], yet even after 2 days on the road we can all see improvements in our work and spending time together looking at and discussing each other’s work is really giving us some more insight for improvement.
As Leonie points out though, if you only talk, don’t practice -nothing changes…so I am off to do a quick sketch before breakfast….the view from our balcony is of rice fields, small cottages, water buffalo and banana tress framed by mystical mountains…..hmmm- thank you universe…this is close to heaven!

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