Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I went exploring In Ajmer on Sunday with some new friends who are volunteering at Shakti at the moment. Ajmer is my neighbouring town, India is amazing where ever you go there are a few thousand years of history all living together, on top of each other or side by side....
so much to see in every little corner.
We went to India's most Holy Muslim shrine, dedicated to Khwaja Muin-ud-din Christi a mystic who live 900 years ago and taught all faiths should be tolerant of each other it is just different roads to experience the Divine.
His shrine is very busy with both Muslim and Hindu pilrims and a real pleasure to experience.
A gentleman visiting a mosque or shrine should always cover his head and leading up to the gates there were many shops to help him out...
I am going to get a new one each time I think they would look wonderful as a display mounted on the wall.

...and roses to take in for an offering- seems a real Hindu touch and smells divine. It is said the Prophet was fond of the perfume of fresh flowers, a man of good tastes.

Nearby is the ancient Adhul-din-ka-Jhonpra, according to legend it was built as a Sanskrit College in 1158 and when Mohammed of Ghori took Ajmer in 1198 it was converted to a Mosque....stunningly beautiful today all are welcome to visit.

one of the gates through the old town walls and the market place.

just down the road from there is a Jain Temple with an amazing diorama of the Jain vision of the Universe, huge, filling a large auditorium it is just stunning, I could only think it must have been fun [and a huge challenge] for those who built it!
I love living here and exploring around my new home!

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