Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Prveen had to go up to Delhi for a few days, so I got a lift as far as Jaipur for a bit of tourist is years since I have just wandered around and checked things out - usually I am looking after a tour group so it is not the time to check out new things- they could be good or not worth the never know. Parveen is such a mother hen sometimes- as he left he was worrying about me out and about alone, gave me all the warnings he likes passed onto out clients about prices, sweet talkers etc...

First off my favourite shoe store...Mojari Shoes traditional jooti or mojari as they are called locally, beautifully embriodered, some with sparkles and turned up toes.
I had a little project going with them...stay tuned for the results! tells a little of the idea behind the shop.
The handloom and hand block print sector is a very poor income area, yet it is also the conduit of much of India's textile heritage. :Lately it is good to hear often Handloom is becoming very fashionable, once it was a social indicater of status/wealth; now it is also a sign you support the whole idea of preserving heritage at a livable level, you want to ensure a better life for all and a respect for those that live our cultural heritage. Lots of good feel-good reasons to buy some of the most yummy textiles you will see around.

A big part of my mission yesterday was to check out a few more of the outlets in Jaipur and see what was around, make a few more contacts with those who produce it etc - went very well, I have a pile of lovely fabric and an 'in' into to a production unit.
The pic is of the window of the State Run Khadi [handloom] shop in Jaipur- it has been given a huge face lift and had some great stuff inside.
Like the arty shot where I showed you the intersection as well?

This gentleman had a great shop [just above my new favourite bookshop in Jaipur = a real double bonus!]

I bought heaps- but there is so much else I liked...for a few moments I was thinking I could learn about reatail therapy and like practicing it...
the reality of the heavy back-pack soom put me off...still an excuse for another excursion to Jaipur, just one or two leads at a time and the book shop will be fun!

South Indian cotton weaves- lovely for summer trousers, I think, with a block print top and dupatta [scarf]

more and more luscious, I have some of the darkest colour for winter trousers.
Winter here is still Tshirt in the sun in the day time, socks and a cardigan in the evening...

all hand blockprinted, these with pigment ink others with Dabu[mud resist] and natural dyes...
After all that I had lunch at one of my favourite restaurants in Jaipur -Handi, it is called- great tandori and Murghali Cuisine, 'ethnic' style...pic gives a clue- I like the sparkles glues to the wall.

then home to Pushkar... after 3 hours on the bus I did not feel like cooking so had a snack at a friend's cafe in town.
This is the view out across the Holy Lake, sorry about the power lines I was too lazy to walk upstairs to see over the lights and reflections
Happy New Year to you all.

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