Saturday, January 24, 2009

shopping, shopping, shopping for Our Pukka Place

We have been so busy shopping, last weekend we went up to Delhi to Sadar Bazaar- India's largest wholesale market- they say anything is available there if you can find it!!
a few pics to try and give you an idea of the traffic- this was early in the morning before it got busy!!

in the traffic, we were in a cycle rickshaw amongst this standstill...

it is winter so they cows are all rugged up, even their horns are wrapped, this girl and many like her were also a part of the general traffic.

We ducked into an alley to find a stainless steel Godown [wholesaler's warehouse], you can see the lane was scummy and we walked into what was once the most beautiful house...can you see the faded glory of the arches and the marble floor under all the boxes? is this one I would like to get my hands on to restore

Local shop where I bought Indian tea cups for the hotel and they old gentleman who owns it...Praveen sometimes wonders why I like all these very Indian things... I keep telling him it gives the place character, he suggests perhaps plain white western cups would be better- how boring- we are in India!!
He is so kind because he then agrees if it is what I like, things are staring to come together he can see it is starting to create a 'look' and is rather happy with it and can see other things that would go well.
oh he is good to work with.

more shopping with our friend Raju. Raju, as you can probably see has a ready smile and great big booming laugh.

He is a local camel master, and his company takes people on camel rides....they are great fun, dinner is in the desert....I am always looking for an opportunity to tag along
In the backstreets of Ajmer, buying sheeting, the lanes were too narrow to bring the car in so Praveen got a lift on the shops motorbike to deliever stuff to our car- thank goodness he was there, I don't know if I could have done that!

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