Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our Pukka Place

Look he is laughing at me again!!
and everyone esle in the electrical shop was as well!!...we were buying new light bulbs for the hotel and in India each one is checked to see it works and then the date is written on it.
I was amazed at such service and took a photo...everyone thought I was crazy when I explained that type of things does not happen in Australia- everything is left up to 3 men to find the item, 2 or 3 to check the item and then 2 to pack it!!
They felt sorry for me- how do you cope in foreign places?

I wanted a certain colour for our bedspreads and curtains...where would I find it?
I asked this nice tailor man we know...and he looked at me. "What? show me the exact colour you want and I can have it dyed in 2 or 3 days" [unsaid- how else do you get what you want?" now I have a lovely crimson and the block print guy had the sheeting printed in 1 day, I will use it as a border on our sheets and will be gorgeous and the cost- wow I can afford to order these things more often...

With all the fun of the hotel housework is suffering
[ I never need much of an excuse for that to happen!]
Praveen keeps saying he will get a cleaner, but then I would have to stop to sort that...anyway it never looks so bad when rose petals are scattered through the sand that blows in the front door.
Most days I have to sweep half the That Desert back out the front door!

Here in Holy Pushkar we are strictly veg, don't the dried beans look like jewels on the plate?
Tonight I am making a classic rajasthani dal of 5 different jewels...
yum, the Boss had seconds so I know I am getting the flavours right.

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