Sunday, February 08, 2009

Our Oukka Place

High tension, yesterday...I had to go shopping for nicknacks for the hotel.
I do not find shopping relaxing at all....and I wanted to find things I thought P would like as well.
I have spent years travelling around not buying things...thinking one day when I have my place I would like I have my you think I can remeber what caught my eye?
Ask my friend Dawn, usually 2 minutes into shopping I am sqirming saying let's have coffee...can we go yet?

Still I found these guys, cute, kitch and sparkly all at the same time! Made by local families they are a good start for our budget- there is onegreat shop in the market with antique type pieces, I love it but am not game to go inside...expensive is written all over it. I want Praveen to come and look in there with me but he always seems busy just at that moment??

We have a tray up in the front tree to feed our Gehlari [chipmunks] they are so cute but rather shy so we are trying to teach them to be more bold so the tourists can feed them as well.
Inside the reception is taking shape, I have this beautiful painting by my friend Julie Stuart- a gift for my new life and so appropriate for Pushkar.
Pushkar was founded arounf 4 springs that sprang up when Brahma was fighting a Demon with a lotus flower and 4 petals fell to Earth.
What better image for our place in Pushkar? thank you so much Jules.

Anyone who has travelled in India will know every morning, every hotel has this weird red jelly on the table- it is sweet and does NOT taste of any fruit flavour.....well in our hotel we have red fruit jam as well, BUT ours is of discernable fruit and flavour- Pomeganite, Guava and Apple jam, to be exact.
Finding fruit suitable for jam is also a dificulty but mango season is appraching and I am going to get a stock put away. We now have Indian Lime Marmalade and Pomeganite, Guava and Apple Jam as breakfast options.

Through the window and into the courtyard....I have just recovered the lounge and added pillows I made for our house- prototypes for the Shakti Work Project croteched out of sari fabric...

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