Thursday, March 05, 2009


First, I would like to say a big thank you to the people who have written just recently with kind words about my blog and babbling on, thank you, it is lovely having visitors!

This pic is of Tessa and her friend Larissa 2 more visitors I am lucky enough to have. Tessa was a student of mine the year she was 10, I would have described her as a young lady at that age, never a girl and here she is on my rooftop, a young lady in fact!
Just finished high school and here volunteering at Shakti whilst on her fist big adventure overseas, before back to Uni.
It is so lovely to see her, we have had fun hanging out the last few days, I have initiated them into catching the bus to the market in Ajmer, wandering around town and avoiding being hassled by the hawkers, finding things in Indian shops- everything looks so different even sending them up the road for milk is a mystery tour until you know what to look for!!
I am finding such pleasure in getting to know her again, and a chance to see the person she has grown into...teaching in the Steiner/ Waldorf system you spend a lot of time with your students and get to know them well, I still see a lot of mine, and it is really a joyous moment to know them and see them growing into wonderful young people.

Kunal, is now officially my PA!!, he has taken over a lot of the paperwork associated with Creative Arts Safaris for me, which I really appreciate. I seem to be dyslexic with dates...everything else I am fast and clear with but dates I am always jumbling I feel so much more relaxed knowing Kunal will proff dates and do all the filing and assembling print outs for the tours.
He also acts as a calendar, reminding me of the day to do things- once again I am fine if I know it is Wednesday I have to do something but if it is on the 4th- it goes straight out of my mind? Weird, probably also nreve racking when organizing things for others.
He is happy he likes his job...this is him at work, he also looks after reception at our hotel.
we have wireless internet so he was telling me how well it all works, he can sit in the front step to do the filing AND keep an eye on the front gate so passing cows don't come in and raid our garden!!
Kunal and Praveen going to get new crates of fizzy for the restaurant, a job I do not volunteer to help with!

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