Tuesday, April 14, 2009

oh to be so blessed...

I am about to melt down...well it was at least 30'C at 9.00am this morning- but not so bad really as it is dry not humid heat...
there is so much to do- school, hotel, hang out with my man and prepare to be on the road for 4 months.
I am not complaining- I am extremely blessed everything are things I love to do...
-take a peak at the schedule http://www.fionawright.com/calendar.html- I find teaching really stimulating and get to see a lot more of the country at the same time- so wow!
2. tour to Andalusia and Morocco http://www.creative-arts-safaris.com/MDAM.html not sure what I am looking forward to the most- there are some gloriuos tapestries in the Palace of Seville...the Maze in the same Palace Gardens- I will have people to play with in it this time! love being a kid sometimes...mosaics everywhere, Museum of Berber Culture in Marrakesh -Maison Tiskiwin [one of those MUST visit places], Medina in Fez, Sahara sand dunes,....oohhh too much to decide
3. Praveen and I are checking out Syria- what fun days those will be in the office- so much exciting history to trip over, Dijanne Cevaal just reminded me of a fabulous textile retorer I have to go visit [look at her blog http://origidij.blogspot.com/ , it was ages ago she mentioned it...just look back- I always enjoy a read]
4. Then we are having a holiday- yes a HOLIDAY in south Vietnam with my boys, daughter-in-law and best friend. I am so excited- I have bubbles in my tummy just thinking about it.
5. Australia to touch base with friends
6. Fiji and lovely Workshops in Paradise http://www.dakuresort.com/ before I get home late August.
All absolutely gloriuous, just got to get ready to go-
1. pack up whole house because dust here is on a gigantic scale -after so many months would not be able to identify any funiture [when I am away Praveen waters our plants but stays at the hotel- it is too lonely at home without me]
2. sort all details for said itineraries [hmm not a small task!]
3.sort out websites and upcoming newsletter for Shakti http://www.shakti-streetkids-pushkar.org/ , new school year starts while I am away...
4. sort out etsy stuff for Praveen to look after http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6685130
5. finish off our vegetable garden and make sure staff know how to look after things- wild monkeys and peacocks are taking a bit of an interest!
6. digesting my trip to Vietnam and all the lovely things I experienced and stitching a scoll/book type record of the journey...hope to have something to show one day soon...
Below are some interesting pics I was just sorting out.
Love this, this is the major flyover that crossed the lines at New Delhi Railway station- you know centre of town type place and a textile mill always has their washed cotton out to dry along the barriers- been fascinating me for years...

a scarf -all of our group got one hot off the loom- woven by a White Thai young lady not far from Mai Chou- lovely soft cotton. More pics of it at http://www.creative-arts-safaris.com/TTVN.html
My Piece de Resistance, re-cycled Flower H'mong skirts assembled into a throw- all cross stitched, some small appliced...I adore the workmanship...
and a silk scarf woven by White Thai I think...all to drool over but hard to focus on as new ideas are coming up and research for future projects also taking up my dream space...
ohh to be so lucky, I have such a feast it will take months to digest it all.
well this was a nice distraction, i must put the nose to the grind stone again...nameste [peace and love to all]

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