Monday, April 20, 2009

a hotel in Pushkar

It is now hot, hot, hot!
We had a festival last, sorry in the heat they all start to blur together,
It was for the change of season, leaf bud …people explained as if magically from that day things would change- it seemed a bit simple to me at the time.
Really though it was as if someone flicked a switch, the temperature jumped 5 degress a day and all the trees have suddenly burst into leaf.
So it is looking really pretty- if you have the energy to enjoy it.
The garden is just leaping up- I can see where the langur monkeys have sampled a few veg, they don’t seem to like them…so the may be Ok out in the back vegies garden, the front one is coming along but it needs so much water.

We have been hanging art work through out the place, here is a whole lot in the reception and in some rooms, notice behind the pic of me, one for the God's with its own flashing light show in the frame.

i have to be careful not to make any jokes about kitch...of course we have pictures for the God's but no gets the idea of kitch, especially in that context so I have to chuckle on the inside...

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