Thursday, June 04, 2009


Favourite pictures of Spain; Royal Palace, Seville we were all rather tired having just climbed the Giralda Tower in the Cathedral and oooohed and ahhhed through another [I need another adjective!!! Superlative deficit at the moment- I can hear myself using the same words over and over again- in real life you just kind of go wwwwooooowwww in your mind, pinch me I am here!!! Right Now!!- you get the feeling I hope] palace so we took a Nana Nap in the gardens.
Really if you are going to start sleeping on the street why not start in the Royal Gardens of the King of Spain?

This is quite good coming back to the trip and remembering the details, gives me time to appreciate some of the experiences along the way. Life is rather exciting and very busy [in many ways and not always are they relaxing!] taking time to savior experiences and appreciate them is important, if it is all just a blur I might as well get a job in a supermarket, it would be as meaningful if I am unaware of all that is passing.
Above, the wonderful wildflowers that adorned our trip every where we went in Spain and Morocco- fields of poppies, daisies and many, many other colours.
Seville is a great city, down the main promenade was a wonderful photographic exhibition- portraits of African Women, mesmerising.

Tapestires in the Royal Palace, I am quite taken with old tapestries and
the way one picture plane is used to tell a whole story by the arrangement of multiple scenes and use of symbology to give added layers of meaning.
Read Tracy Chevalier's Lady and the Unicorn for some insight in making a tapestry and building the story into it. It is a work of fiction but very well researched and might send you into whole new levels of appreciation of an ancient art as it did me.
I love the figures and then when I get closer the details and even closer the stitches used to hold the piece together- on a tapestry I saw in Bruges once it seemed something of the character of the stitcher was present in the form and shape of those stitches which were really not put there for us to see, the hands of the maker were still present and active in the work. It made the whole piece more 'real' for me.

AH Life!!
it is there to enjoy....if you don't only you can change it!
In UK at the moment and it is sunny and warm- hard to imagine I am in the same UK I usually visit...people are out smiling and walking in the streets for pleasure- it feels so different.

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