Friday, June 05, 2009

Tarifa, Spain to Fez, Morocco

A lovely journey to make, across the water is Africa. I love the feeling of expectation looking across the water and thinking there she is, and Tarifa is one magical spot to do that...and look at the colours the bluest of blue skies and sparkling waters.

The old tower on the promentary- how many pirates and raiders has it seen try and sneak up the Straights of Gilbralter, does the earth still have a memeory of the times long ago when the Pillars of Hercules must have been in the vicinity once?

In the village
We are in Morroco!! yippee, with the wide Atlantic behind,

I am there as well!

Now Fez , contemplating the labarynth of the Old Medina {market] we are about to go and start exploring.
A stop at the potters along the way, this pottery smells yummy because the likns are fired by olive pits.

Lunch at a local diner in the Medina, my lovely friend Hicham was there to guide us and choose a great lunch, one of the relishes was like an onion marmalade Moroccan style- would love the recipe.
Traffic in the Medina

The dye pits of Fez, no one wanted the chance of a days work there- go figure?
Checking out the mercandise!
the pouffets come with our stiffing- as we now know for certain!
Raw materials for Morocco's Catus Silk
Finished result, used all ready for the desert- who is that masked lady in an elegant pink?
In the silk shop- you choose the colour combinations to get a length of fabric woven for your djellabah, then the colours for the braid to be nmade and the toggles and tassles, then the tailor puts it all together- what a way to dress!

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