Thursday, July 16, 2009


Damascus and her souqs, cool and shaded, waonderful to wander and look...look at people, architecture, shops, water sellers, so many things. I am fascinated by the ladies and the way they dress, I am sure I saw one of the most sexy women ever and all I could see was her eyes through a narrow slit in her veil. The abiya does cover everything and is modest but good posture, an elegant carriage and beauty shine through any where. In India I stayed away from the salwar chemise [pyjama suit] for ages thinking all those layers would be so hot yet wearing one given as a gift I discovered how comfortable they really are.
I have not worn the viei but I suspect it would have a number of advantages- never having a bad hair day for one, not needing to decide what to wear and some how a type of power "I am a lady- step aside Mr. " This is a balanced community not one of the fundamentalist minorities.

Everywhere has a feel, a theme, a colour, I think Syria's is to do with understated elegance and harmony, look at the colour tones in the buildings
What stories have passed over these ancient stone floor pavers? We were sitting at the base of one of these Roman pillars watching people go by, when the lady sitting next to me out of the blue offered me a lovely cheese filled freshly baked bread. We had no common language but she was making it obvious she was offering us Arab hospitality, welcoming us to her home city. So kind and thoughtful, I felt alraedy like I had freinds in the place.

Part of Syria's charm is the juxtaposition of layers of history all tumbled to gether; 2000 + year
old Roman Temple to Apollo backing onto one of the major souqs, just behind me is the 1300 yearold Umayyad Mosque- a pool of tranquility welcoming one to enter, sit a while and contemplate things profound.

head up this souq for the icecream heaven I mentioned earlier.
a lovely diversion now back to office work before the gang arrive!

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