Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My head is in a bit of a whirl!
I have been to so many great places just lately my shadow has yet to catch up!!
I am stepping back in time to a few short weeks ago and going to work my way through some wonderful experiences.
Salisbury cathedral, one of the most lovely in England I think [York Minster is also up there and Litchfield]
the structure is delicate, the integration of ancient and modern is superb, the first pic is of their new font a rimless pool, perfectly reflecting the ceiling
the cloisters,

with the enclosed garden lead to a copy od the Magna Carter- the document that lead to what we now call democartic government, the first agreement in the modern wester era to recognize the rights of all citizens [well really those with the money] in their land and not the arbitary rule of whom ever is top of the pile.
a wonderful collection of old and modern textiles as well- the church has ever been a great consumer of textiles especially embroidery, there are some great pices scattered throught out along modern sculpture and ancient tombs.

cushions for the comfort of the faithful....
The windows had the richness of ancient diamond necklaces such as the ones in the Nizam of Hydrabad's collection
just found this link- interesting it tells a little more of his history- he had enough pearls to fill an Olympic swimming pool!

hard to get a good image with my little camera, but this certainly gives the feel of them

I am inHo Chi Minh City, in 2 days my family and best friend arrive for a holiday.
Praveen and I and the gang!! Yippee!!
I am so excitd I could not sleep last night [OK a little jet lag and exhaustion are in the mix] so am a bit vagues today, need to get stuck into some office work as I have a lot to do before the holiday, but i might use blog writing to daydream amongst it all...we'll see

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