Friday, July 17, 2009

Going on holidays

I am actually starting a holiay today!!
Praveen and I arrange holidays for other people and I get to travel to some really amazing places through teaching and our tour business but it is all work; pleasurable but very focused.
I have been in Ho Chi Minh City 3 days and all I have seen is the two views shown here and the computer screen in my hotel room.
The street scene as I go out to eat and the hotel lobby as I return to my room, the rest of the time has been in 'the office' [located where ever I can set up the laptop].
I have been working flat out to do the details and write up the itineraries on our Moroccan and Syrian tours for next year, catching up on emails and the thousand and one other things on the 'to do' list.
I must admit I took a few minutes out to daydream and so clicked on Dijanne's blog. I always enjoy seeing what she is up to and lo and behold there she is showing images of work she has done relating to St Serge Convent in Maalula Syria. I am so envious...yes I have just been there and the icons in the church are so richly in my heart but I have had no time to explore that artisically. We have been chatting regularly as I put the final touches on our tour for next year and I am sure she would say she is envious because I was actually there!
Note to Fiona- appreciate where you are and what you are doing!! waste of time and energy wanting what you don't have at the moment, you will get the chance when the time is ripe. embrace it then and fully appreciate it!
Praveen arrives in 2 hours and we have a few things to do on the website for our hotel
relating to the Pushkar Camel Fair this year and then we are officially on holidays until 26 July!!
The Australian part of our family arrive in the evening- my 3 boys, our daughter-in-law and my best mate and we have time to hang out together.
I am so excited I have not been able to sleep and my stomach hurts!!

ohh for happy holidays!
may each day feel that way to you.

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