Thursday, August 06, 2009


My gang in Vietnam, picture taken by my best mate.
We had a wonderful holiday hanging around Ho Chi Minh City, boating through the Mekong Delta and lounging around at the beach.

One day we hired a bunch of motor bikes to explore the local area -what a bunch of hoons!! Praveen and my mate Dawn, my eldest son and his fair lady in the background.
Praveen has embraced his fear of the water and is here walking on the beack with me- so lovely.
Being a good Rajasthani man he saw water only for washingNOT swimming or even splashing in the waves- for months I have been terrorizing him with the thought the boys bare so big now they can carry him into the pool. Sensible man that he is, he asked Zac to give him swimming lessons, he can now dog paddle and wander along the beach and has broken the fear of water.
My gorgeous daughter-in-law giving Paris Hilton lessons.
Love the hair cuts on the Dragon fruit bushes
, got to Australia with a dreadful cough and have been freezing my way through a list of jobs before I can wing it home to Pushkar next week.
One highlight has been to meet up with Dijanne Cevaal, just talk [she is an interesting woman] and plot and plan some tours we are going to lead together.
Our interests and approach to our work is quiet similar- we both like to resaerch and read, the Middle East catches both our eyes[ she suggested Syria to me and boy was she right- the place and people are really magic]
and we are now devising the workshop component of the Syrian Tour and a European and UK exciting
I am so impatient to get home and into my studio!!

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