Thursday, August 20, 2009

home at last really! finally!

Been home half a week and so busy sorting things out- the dust at home was unbelievable even though Praveen and my son Zac [who has joined us here] had 'cleaned' it for me I needed a shovel to pick up the dust.

Still in the last week or two we have had rain in Pushkar which has settled ther dust and washed our sitting area as that part of the house is open to the sky.
Zac turned 20 yesterday and we had a cake at the hotel, the staff asked if they could decorate a table for me and this is how it all looked when we got back from a shopping trip over the mountain to Ajmer.

Zac was really stunned, the staff did a wonderful job, millions of ballons and red rose petals everywhere- if only we had smell-o-rama the aroma was fantastic, nothing beats Pushkar red roses! one of the joys of India and used so liberally.
All the rain has fattened up the cows- one girl seen on the main road as I walk to the hotel.

I have been o busy with catch up things that I have barley had time to see the kids at school but many have popped in for a hello with me- they all look fine, have grown so much taller and a number have started in private school thanks to some kind sponsers and are loving it.

The 'to do' list is enormous
home things,
hotel book work,
etsy stuff to post and list
reports to send out to friends of Shakti
tour work.....
that is only a start and I have studio work I want to play with because after all this time on the road and a day with Dijanne before I came home I am fair to burst with ideas!!!
Plus Zac has started a studio in one of the upstais rooms and that is inspiring- I have had a big reorganizing of space and made my old downstairs bedroom into a studio., moved Praveen and I upstais which is actually cooler and quieter.....and all things are looking inspiring
I am going to practice time management, Sunday is to become studio day...I have said this before but if I am not firm with myself who can I blame.
It is important to support your self and do things that are good for you [theank you friends- everyone that has tol;d me that I was trying to apply!]

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