Wednesday, August 26, 2009

why am I here?

Some days it is so busy it is hard to remeber what I am up, I go from the studio to the office and then wonder what am I doing here....just down at Shakti and it was such a giggle trying to get the group together for a pic, then after Ramsingh had worked so hard organizing them all, I encouraged them to rumble him!! You can see them as the erupt just as the idea sinks in.
They are gorgeous kids!
Slowly catching up on things, initiating new things, my middle son Zac has joined us, he is helping with our hotel, with Shakti kids and staring a studio here, which means a lot of work for for Praveen and I helping him sourse the supplies he needs. he is quickly learning the way of things here but it is quiet a mystery- not just wander down to the shop for supplies.

I have been designing things in my head for the last 4 months and some, I am finally starting to get some samples together to start work with locals ladies/ girls.
It is going to be my design business and I will pay fair wages and offer skills development. I had initially thought I could make a few suggestions and magically things would take off and they would have a co-operative but the reality is it is going to be a huge amount of work on my part and initially Praveen will need to act as a translator so we need to be aslo earning a wage from it, too. Hopefully in time we can assist in satelite businesses evolving where we can sourse items rather than just the ladies being piece workers. it seems a more empowered model, but we have to start somewhere.

I have done something exciting today, I have signed up to start Hindi classes, I understand a fair amount of what is going on around me, but really can't spaek above simple school work and maths lessons. i have been meaning to study more myself but run out of time, by going to a formal class i will ceratinly bring it all into focus.
over and out from a steamy Pushkar, might be aonther shower this afternoon- I hope so!

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