Sunday, September 20, 2009

Over the mountain to Ajmer

We had shopping to do in the big smoke and Praveen hates the local bus- he gets no thrill out of checking out the locals.
So we went on the motorbike which is rather fun and a great view, hanging off the back I had the camera out clicking at the view.
All thought of the occasional shower of rain is now passed, we are still very much in drought here even though there is a lovely greeen flush at the moment.
This is the view from the top of the mountain back towards Pushkar i really enjoy this trip it is always so pretty...
Monkeys fill the forests along the road and are always on the look out for anyone wanting to stop and feed them,
then the pass over the top- the rock is full of mica so it often gliters with golden sparkles...and Ajmer and one of her lovely lakes in the distance, beautiful!
The bus always intrigues me, there are no free rides, the conductors are very careful to sell everyone a ticket and then check again later to see they did not miss does he collect money from these paseengers? I know he must but have not spotted how?
Another of life's little mysteries....

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Peter van der Laan said...

I'm not a motorbike-hero and I had the privilege once to be driven to Ajmer on the back of one along the same road. It scared the * out of me, even though Rocky didn't pass the 50km/h mark!! I really admire your courage! :-)

Looking forward to driving the same road again in a couple of months.

See you soon!