Friday, September 11, 2009

rushing as usual ...or even more so!

Life has taken on a cracking pace since I have got home, all good things that I would not take of the list even if I could, but for such a relaxed place I am creating gasps of wonder with what I am getting through!!

Our Reseptionist is a great young man, if he is working with you, leave him to his own devises and everything just drifts along- this has nearly lead to his demise on a few occasions as I thought I had him charged up to do something but it fizzled whilst I was away...

I guess lesson 101 in "Being the Employer " school is to work out the strengths of your employees and their weaknesses and how to develop those into a positive.

Our Hotel is coming along very nicely the gardens are loooking fantastic and we might be expanding into the Old Hospital next door- very exciting to contemplate...negotiations are proceeding.

Delgating is hard enough, then I expect everyone to get on with it like I am now learning a different approach to managing Kunal and can appreciate the sweet way he enthuses when he is assisting you.

been maddly trying to get some samples stitched to start a sewing project with some of the older sisters of the children we have at school.

Many of our children are the youngest members of large families, elder siblings did not get the chance of schooling, so i hope to work with them, teach them some skills and help them earn some income. It will in the short term help their families and in the long term improve their marriage prospects [don't gasp- wanting to marry well is the direction of everyone in India- at least at this social level]- I can also expose them to some basic education along the way I hope, numbers, writing their name.

I am taking Hindi classes and working VERY hard to improve my communication will help in so many ways.

here are some samples- the one based on squares is a good place to start to introduce the basic stitches and finishing of pieces, I have used a running stitch or more recenlty a continuous machine line on my own work and received many comments on the back being as fascinating as the front, these pieces will work out the same, so I am thinking for the quilts we make to join the pieces with French seems so they are reversable and we can showcase both sides.

Leaving those little windows improves the pattern don't you think?

Mys tsitching is not even- really I am the messiest person.

I always say to my students know your strengths and weaknesses and work up your strengths- well design and ideas I can do , neat stitching is a challenge but hopefully we can get some good work coming along- even I might improve with a few more decades practice!

This one I really like and is an idea I will chase when I see how our girls are going- it is also more time consuming to stitch...

You can see what I mean about the back though...

Tried felting silk and wool- which looks interesting but all the pieces I have hand stitched in the past have been for wall hanging and so the felting which has to be firm [and so allows easy stitching] does not have to be hard which is necessary for the wear a pillow cover would get.

Just as I am typing I am thinking we could felt until firm, stitch and then continue to a full felt....

hmmm possibilities for another sample...

I love the looks you can achieve through felting and it could lead to a very distictive product to selll so I wopuld like it as part of our range....

Big excitement yesterday our house chipmunkts have 2 small, small babies. Mr has been rousing a lot latley and chased any visiting birds out [ thankyou!]

Yesterday there was a great kurfuffle, mother was moving the nest [ again!] and they dropped to the floor, they are so tiny and cute and peep like little birds- pics did not work they are too small.
This peice of fabric fell out an old nest, it is some of my heavy drill I use on projects....and would explain where a few small samples may have dissappared to. The piece would have beem new fabric now it is all soft and bumby as if Mother has chewed it all over to soften it up for the nest, they also shredd things and collect fibres to make a big pile like cooton wool of different things to nest in.

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