Tuesday, September 29, 2009

sometimes I feel like a hypocrite!!

I have just spent hours in the office writing the new newsletter for Creative Arts Safaris.
I usually like the imagining of this, because I try and save up little anecdotes from the last 3 months and get to share pics and ideas about somewhere that excites me.

It is oly a little note to people and I try and keep it short but I also try and give them a little something I have found inspiring.
Well many wonderful things have happened since I have been back in Pushkar...I feel like each day I am blessed with so many learning opportunities- I am not always the most absorbent student, by the way...I just realise I am getting an opportunity here....
The heat is a pretty constant factor here and the movement of air from a fan feels like a real blessing_ unfortuneatelt this is also the time of the most power cuts so often you are left sweltering...so many times just as the fan has gone out some one will say "Oh what to do...it happens" patiently,
or when it comes back on "ahh, it always comes back..."
not your good old Aussie swearing and spitting and then no thankfullness when it does return.
Which works better?? I have had a lot of chances to contemplate this....and been most zen the last month or two trying to practice what I am learning....
Well writing my newsletter this morning has certainly been a test of my resolve....
I had all 20 of them in the email programme, just adding final tounches when the power goes out....and of course they all crumble....and then a whole series of hiccups....I am still clawing onto trying to get them off and keep a peaceful demeanour - those two pics don't really go together do they??

interesting how the universe offers us so many opportunities to learn- Thank you and back to the new newsletter a copy is on the website and hopefully winging its way through cyberspace to many people- let me know if you would like a copy,
I hope I can send it to you....

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