Thursday, October 01, 2009

working and weather change

Got my peices dry and up on a pin board, now they are slowly turning whilst I am working out which way is up.
They turned out a lot mistier than I expected...but I am a firm believer the Universe supplies what you need to work with...the day I assembeled them was th day of Durga Puja, this is a festival for the Goddess, that aspect which is quite strong and dark and powerful, that aspect that is they do not surprise me
I keep wandering up the road to the Bazaar hoping to find the man at the Khadi[ hand loom shop open because I want some of his silk for the support, no luck so far.
i know we have a lot of festivals in India and he must support every one of them!! as it is so hard to find him open...oh well an excuse to walk that way again today on the way to the hotel. It is still really hot here, usually by this time the evenings and mornings have a breath of freshness in the air but there has been little change of late and it is hard to sleep.
The heat in the daytime is dry so you can keep going on, but with out that be of freshness it is hae=rd to feel refreshed.
Amazing weather here up until about 3 weeks there was still the monsoon waether patter around [ not that it let any rain fall here on the side of the Thar Desert, but whilst it was around it felt moist- there was a freshness to the green of the plants and my skin flet nice...then the weather pattern moved off an overnight the green lost that brightness and my hands were so dry they were like paper.... and the dust really started to move again....
This happened literally overnight not gradually as I am used to the seasons change. So I guess we are now in Autumn- so interesting to notice- have the seasons switched where you are?

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