Friday, October 02, 2009

Gandhi's birthday

Gandhi's Birthday, so as you might imagine a big day here, a public holiday, of course and a chance for a festival!!
This picture was taken in San Fransisco, and a lovely surprise to walk down to the ferry wharf and meet him- it made a sunny day feel sunnier!

In Ajmer there will be a 4 hour presentation in front of the town hall which thousands will attend...probably lots of talking, music and a puja or sacred ceremony which will feel lovely and involve jasmine incense and lots and lots of red rose petals- heavenly.
I was talking to the gentleman in the Khadi shop yesterday, he is my old friend- we don't have a lot of words in common but a kindredness of spirit makes us friends.
Gandhi or the Mahatma [ the Enlightened One] or simply say Bapu [father] and anyone here will know who you mean is an enduring inspiration to this country [ and I know many other people as well], his leadership through non-violence is still a living example in today's India,
many people still wear khadhi cloth not only because it is so comfortable but as a subtle reminder that they align themselves with Gandhi's ideas.
The more I find out about the man the more I admire him and the strength he gave a nation to struggle up from unimaginable supression and regain their identity with dignity is the greatest gift he could give a people.

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