Thursday, November 05, 2009

It was my birthday yesterday and what a wonderful day it was.
It is strange- there is always something new to learn and Praveen has been such a big teacher in so many ways.
I had a pretty rough time growing up, very little celebration or fuss was ever made and you knew if something special did happen drunken, nasty violence was soon to follow- I have worked very hard not to have those patterns occur in my adult life and think I have done a good job seeing it did not happen to my children or myself but I have never really been able to relax and enjoy something like my birthday as there was still a lingering, underlying feeling of keep your head down.
Yesterday started with breakfast with the ladies of my group in a lovely garden, the kindest gift of a book I really wanted and appreciate ssssoooooooo much, phone calls from different people and it was nicely proceeding as a quiet day of travel with the excitment of arriving in Udaipur.
In the evening as I was just heading off to meet everyone for dinner Praveen rings; usually when I am away on the phone we deal with details of our work and our day, moon around missing each other for a few minutes and hang up, to look forward to next chat or meeting up.
Last night he was extra sweet [can't really say that as he is very sweet with me already] and kept chatting.
It was so lovely chatting to him, I thought I would stop and sit in a corner and be a few minutes late for my ladies...which was not what he wanted- he said no, no, no go up to the roof, Vijay [his brother] wants you...the restaurant on the roof was decked out for a party!
Roses on the table, a cake, lovely guests and Praveen on the phone. So lovely, so special and something it is more than OK to relax into and enjoy. Thanks so much to everyone.
You can make your life anyway you want it to be but there comes a point where you also need to sit back and then relax into what you have created and enjoy it.
Thank you Praveen my biggest teacher.

Just wonderful

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Joyce, UK said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Fiona!