Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Love is in the details
My brother-in-law is helping us on this tour- with the new hotel and camel fair Praveen had to stay home ond look after the hotel, so Vijay was volunteered to become cheif group leader- as you can see we have kept him really busy.
double ikat weaving- lovely people upholding an ancient tradition. The warp and the weft [the threads that go down the fabric and those that go across it] are individually tied and dyed {in many hues using natural dyes] to the weave the pattern which arrises from the overlapping of the two threads. The patience involved absolutly blows my mind as we are talking the finest silk threads being used...line up now if you want a sari the waiting list is currently 6 years long.
Ahmedabad is home to one of the great bookshops of the world-The Art Bookshop small and full of sparkly decorations I have to phone ahead so they can bring those we are interested in to the top of the stacks. I have found them very reliable over the years and know they will happily and reeliably post to the far corners of the earth...and what they have would be the best collection I have so far spotted or imagined.
I know I have my moments sounding like an advertising campaign, I do not get paid to do that, or to put links on my site...I am just waffling on because these are people and places I genuinely like.

home for the night- the type of place you could get used to, tonight I am sharing my siut with the lady of the house- I enjoy their quirky inclusions

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