Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh India!

You know sometimes you miss the weirdest things when you move home.
I have found a baker in Pushkar that makes fabulous wholemeal bread so have been having a toastfest this winter....and I realised I really missed the fire alarm I had to have installed in my Australian was a great indicator of when the toast was ready!!
OK a little too ready...but here the kitchen is often full of smoke by the time I think to check.
This is the perfect Indian version of beans on toast for breakfast
left over Dal, real good wholemeal toast and a bit of home made sweet chilli sauce.
That jar of Green Chilli Pickles is all ready to go...I made a jar for one of Praveen's friends who was raving over the ones I make at the know sometimes you are not sure if some one really likes something or if they are merely being encouraging....well when Mukesh visited recently he asked if he could get another jar to take home!!
I took that as a compliment because it means I got a vote of confidence from his wife and his mother as well.
I am going to start and load some receipes onto our hotel website as we run a cooking class and it will give people some ideas [and you know for some reason I can't cut and paste to blogger- so it takes too long to re-type recipes]
Something I love about India is the realisation that anything is possible!

All it takes is time and an attitude that laws and regualtions are merely suggestions...there is often a way around them.

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