Monday, December 21, 2009

The Stitching Project- Pukka Components

We are finally starting to build up some work....and they are so gorgeous I just want and sit and stack them like a kid with blocks, arrange them this way and that.

Just laying them together you can see there potential for beautiful throws...

and notice the back of them, as beautiful as the front!

Notice the little tags, each lady names her work...I think this is important as this work is being done by real people, working hard to support their family, real people just like you and me who happen to live in a small village in Rajasthan. Real nice ladies I am starting to feel friends with, even though our common language is limited...

I think I will launch some on etsy soon- to see how they go, each one will be US$ 1o.50, bulk orders will attract a wholesale rate....yet to assemble some and price them accordingly.
Think they will really take off as components, you buy them and assemble they as you think...I will offer some pattern ideas....

My own work is progressing as well, I have been following the climate change summit closely, it is well reported in the media here- what is it like where you are?
I am so appalled at the efforts of developed much of the cause yet not willing to forgo anything for the sake of all. What idiots it will affect them as well.
It is so unfair- we are peple the world over, same wants, same needs...and all deserve a fair bite at the apple.
If you have not lived somewhere like I do in India it is so hard to imagine what it is like for 60% of the world.
Stop and think- how would it be to live on 2 buckets of water a day for your whole family?
how would you navigate the world if you could not read? When you work all day from morning until night and can not earn enough money to feed your children -what do you do?
This is not a new car, or air-conditioning we are talking about, new shoes or a new CD, this is food, shelter and education- basic human rights!!
Lobby your government, if every one tells them to pull their finger out they will have to listen.
Conserve, consider, choose wisely in how you run your life...every little thing helps make a change in the bigger picture.

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