Friday, December 18, 2009

Yoga Mary

Another remarkable week, I have just spent the week doing yoga each morning with a woman who comes from just down the road from where I used to live in Australia and I get to know her in Pushkar!
Fabulous person, know aound as Yoga Mary, her nick name kind of reminds me of Typhoon Mary, and like that she is a bundle of energy- but all good fun not destrctive.
We did yoga each morning in the wonderful room she is privaledged to be able to use above the Shiva Tample at Chandra Ghat on Pushkar's Holy Lake.
Beautiful are a few of the impressions that filled my sesnse each morning, add to it a small candle glowing in the corner, a priest chanting downstairs and the voices of people quietly excited to be on pilgamidge to this Holy site and you begin to get a feel for the moment.

She is a very good teacher, very aware of guiding you safely through the poses, yet down to earth and relaxed to be with, not too serious.
At the moment the lake is empty [slowly refilling after the big clean up] so we took the opportunity to wander across the lake after our last class and past some of the beutiful Dharamshalas[Pilgims Rest Homes] and temples of Pushkar on our last day....I can't wait unitl she returns with her groups next year as I have an invite to participate in her classes.

Nameste for now, yet I know this is a dooropening to the future, not one closeing on a momnet past....

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