Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A day in Pushkar

This village used to produce 5 trucks of rose petals every few days in rose season....that was only 5 or 6 years they struggle to get 5 bundles of roses off the same gardens.
if only you could smell this, we were sitting just near by talking stitching with the most gorgeous aroma wafting around us....
out to visit the ladies of the Stitching Project- they are really rocking, all the ladies are really lovely, they cover their faces because strange men are here [ my husband with the camera and Panalal our friend and translater seated with me] but step away from them and veils are off and it is laughs and broken conversations and smart women- I know we are going to have fun developing ideas together.
I am planning for the Pukka Studio when we have workshops for foreigners to have a translter and be able to offer the education to some of the Stitching Ladies for free- it will really help them develp design skills and ideas.
sunflower seeds we bought in Syria have grown into these lovely huge flowers.
There is a man in the market who grinds seeds to produce oil for the farmers so we figure we can take them to him for our own oil...just wandering when to harvest- never done this before.
Zac has finally settled in enough he can start painting- first Indian work- he is excited and things starting to flow- good on him....

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