Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beautiful Silks

Just made a very quick visit to Melbourne to visit my friends Marion and Elephant of Beautiful Silks.
We had a very busy programme of plotting and planning on many fronts
1. was a workshop I am teaching for them later in the year
2. discussing ideas for products produced by the Stitching Project- Pukka Compnents
3. starting to plan a tour to take in Textiles and development work with the group she works with in Mandya....[and I have other friends working with some fabulous women in Bihar....could develop a real theme here- just need to wait until I get home to work this out with Praveen....things to do!]
4. mostly though I seemed to spend my time drooling over her shop! about kid in a lolly shop! and permission to grope everything except the husband---pretty good!!
so have a look at somelovely textile porn...this is not a paid advertisement just drooling

Picture above is the shop dummy, but not so stupid, hanging out there waiting to invite you in.

lots and lots of wonderful things....

lots and lots of beauttiful colours

dolls galore made by the Women's group she is associated with in Mandya
shelves of silks, silk bits and wool all ready to play with

They get some of their yarns amde especialloy for them....that wiggly one called a silk cheille felt sensational!!

and source other things for far and wide....this recycled sari silk year is the nicest I have come across, very soft and light so if you knitted a vest or top it would not be too heavy
and colours gorgeous
In house dying to produce a beautiful range of silk products- felters heaven
all that drooling makes you hungry and morning tea was delicious pastires- yum!
I had lovely coloured dreams last night...this shop is up there with my 3 best textile fixes in the world!

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