Monday, January 18, 2010

NZ the land of the long white cloud

Every time I am blessed with a chance to visit NZ I am struck a fresh by its beauty and purity....the view of the clouds is always the most pristine blue and white, no dirty smudges on the horizen....
what a world where that is not normal??
Another fine Summmer School of the Arts hosted by UCOL- Katrina Langdon the co-ordinator does an exceptional job, sorting all details so that you feel a bit of a princess arriving and everything is organized and you just have to focus on your students.
She is ably assisted by the magical Fairy/ sunbeam lady Esther and charming Mike- sorted and fixers of great skill and a lot of fun too boot.

Then there are the other tutors all queen bees to hives of activity [ sorry fellas I am not suggesting anything...but with the happy hum coming out of studios- what better image?
Works of sculpture, printmakers, photography lead by an most inspiring Fleur Wickes [sorry can't make links for some crazy reason- just look these suggestions up in your web brouser]
...great students ...
and inspiring links arrived through many people; one student's daughter has taken a residency in India and this blog is her story- read it she is an amazing young lady
Sydney, fitting in a quick chance to see family, do office work and get ready for Ghana....after all this travel I hope for a good sleep somewhere along the line as well.
Last night I forgot to change my alarm so got up and got ready 2 hours earlier than I needed to thsi morning- well impressed with myself!!
Must mention the movie Julie/Julia I saw on the plane, got me all excited about my hobby of cooking and inspired to keep working on my Indian recepie collection...then Food Inc was a most insightful documentary about the food industry- watch and open your eyes- to the idiocy that happens and how consumers can change things by how they spend their dollar.
One of my recent collection of works has written on it
"Change happens: the biggest from the smallest of things" we are all those small things, act alone, act in a group just ACT!!

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