Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Are we there yet?

Exhausted today, could not sleep last night- some temple going off all night and so many things to do and ssssoooo excited we shake on our land today, and I can come out of is a fact of life here that people see my white skin and the price of things goes all through the negotiations and waiting on the land I have had to steer clear which has nearly killed me. I am not really the patient type!

Been keeping busy with other things, nearly finished the first quilt from the pieces we are getting made in The Stitching Project.
What really caught my eye when I first came across the use of massed running stitch was how individual it is, each person's personality shines through in thie use of the needle just like a signature....this quilt is many ladies work and each has a character of its own- and boy! does it look nice altogther!

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