Thursday, February 18, 2010

Camels and Pushkar

Home and so much to catch up, the pace has been unbelievable!!
Buutttt....lovely distractions as well. I am lucky enough to have some young visitors here from Australia,

Jasmine was my student from the age of 6 through to highschool [in Steiner Waldorf system you stay with the same class through the primary school] I feel really privaledged to still maintain conatct with many of my old students and have the relationship grow into mature aged friendships.
We have been hanging out, riding camels, Jasmine has studied fashion design and today is helping me improve some paaterns I have been working on for Leafy Sea Dragon designs....lots of cooking classes as well and she has been off block printing with our local family.

how to decorate your camel 101.

out through the villages on our ride, isn't my home area lovely?
Another Holy lake, water level is so low, should be at least half way up the stairs....hard times for locals on the land

take care of yourselves, spand a little time chilling out....good resolution isn't it?

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