Saturday, February 13, 2010

home again, home again jiggerty jig!!

Home again...and so happy, it was not such a long trip but with all the things happening at home it was some how hard to get in the mood properly...never thought I would be remotely homesick, but I now have one I really enjoy...I did wonder how much I meant that for a moment though. When we got back we found the cook at our hotel drunk and throwing a big temper tantrum...considering that he is only about 5 foot tall it was a little comical, but a headache to be sorted never the less. Since then it has been much running around touching base with various folk...and finding a little amount of time to drool over some of our treasures [Ghana was great, actually and a big dristraction from homesickness- more reports on our discoveries very soon]
Here are some of our lovely Stitching Project [http://http// ] pieces that were wating for us amongst Ghana treasure...I am maddly finishing tour write ups and costings to get that show on the road and do look forward to heading back there [ is about to be updated any moment]...

Isn't ths little guy gorgeous- brass casting by Paul of Kumasi- I love him....

Needed to head out to the sari men and have replenished my stash....all soft silk and so much to do with it...wonderful, some is for sale on our etsy site[ our shop] , some for our stitched pieces and some will be over dyed and used for Leafy Sea Dragon Designs....[some pics of our work!/leafyseadragons?ref=search&sid=100000422154339.1856625357..1]

This lovely bunting is made from re-cycled saris, an idea I left in the hands of our sewing chap...very festive, in fact our whole sitting area is festooned with Tibetan Prayer Falgs my son Zac brought back form Katmandu and our bunting...feels like we should have a party.
so nice to be home to cook, I enjoy it each night, it is like form of a moving meditation making up something yummy.
I saw the movie Julie/Julia [ and are 2 links...]on one of my flights and absolutely loved inspiring, i would really like to follow her example and disciple myslfe to cook something new and interesting a few nights a week as I work on masterly the Art of Indian Cooking- always good to have something to aspire to....
What would you like to do?
Seems like a brag list...all the pots we have simmering...there is a lot but I am really working hard on getting a system organized and delegating tasks to others so things run smoothly...step by step, inch by inch...we are getting there and it is so nice to be home!

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