Monday, February 08, 2010

Ghana is great

Ghana, most things happen out on the street...very friendly....very polite....steamy weather....pleasant place to cruise....just getting ready to leave tomorrow and some brief impressions
following is a series of pictures of our first much have we experienced since them but it is a start...

Artit's Alliance host a disply of coffins- yes those large sculptures are coffins an fancy of some local people, they relate to the job or interests their inhabitants had in life....pretty interesting
We visited the workshop of the lovely Esther early in the piece, she is a very creative batik artist, producing some of the best batik in Ghana...Maggie and Bob have done extensive research on the subjecty and having seen her work i believe them
Maggie and Bob are famous for their business the African Fabric Shop and we are so happy to be working with them on our Gloriuos Ghana Tour

Carved Foam blocks for wax printing...Esther will do 2 or 3 different layers of printing with dyeing happening in bewteen to build up her richly coloured cloths...stayed tuned for some new clothes we will be showing off in the next few weeks!

Maggie and Esther

The pictures are not quiet in sequence so you will have to work out the story for yourself...Praveen is just waiting and we are off to our last diner in Ghana for this year....catch up soon

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