Friday, March 26, 2010

Morocco Memories

It is still so busy…I am allowing myself 5 minutes to daydream and indulge in memories of Morocco.

There was a travel and cooking show on the TV last night featuring Morocco, and it set me off dreaming…the food, so subtly spiced, the people so warm and friendly a good laugh is always close by….the desert landscape, a landscape that always excites me and the magic of an oasis with date palms set amongst it…..and then there are the Atlas Mountains- God was really inspired the day he carved them!!

Fun companions to travel with- up for snails for dinner

Doors to open...out there and inside yourself
Good mates to work with....
a place it is such a pleaseure to dream of and easy to long to return day soon, En'shallah
Oohh!! 5 minutes up- inspired and ready to get into it again!

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