Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Pukka Place-running a hotel

Some days...things come to a head, and finally something must be done!
Now before I scream!!
which is usually enough to get Paveen's attention and things change.
We have had a young man work for us for years...nice enough guy, pleasant with the customers, and Praveen took to him like a long lost younger brother....and like a tolerant older brother has put up with his laziness for a long time. Everytime I have got upset he has made excuses, kicked arse, things  improved slightly and then the cycle has started over again.
Which was really hard work for me, sorting out his mess with the book work, reminding him of what he had forgot.... I put up with it for Praveen's sake, he did not realise how much effort it was taking me.....communication not the clearest....

Having staff to work for you is actually a lot different to working with family...a big lesson we have both had to learn.
Praveen who has a very large and close family and used to trying to get them to contribute and also keeping harmony...a real juggling act
and me who has very little family conncetion in many ways and certainly really scared of getting too close to any of them [except my boys and my brothers]. I would prefer to do thngs myself rather than rely on others.
Anyway staff are a different catagory- parameters need to be set and adhered to and if not "chelo" Hindi for walking or get going!
BIG Lessons and necessary to let our business prosper.

Why the pictures of my wrist with sparkly bangles?
taken as I wandered through our neighbours orchard by the way....because the other day as we were sorting out staff problems I had a real appreciation of what a little sparkle can do for you.
It is pretty, catches the light and distracts you with a moment of beauty...especially when walking through an orchard at the same time. Just as the sparkle is only momentary so too are the problems of life....especially if you learn from them and act accordingly.
Really put things in perspective on what started out as a very difficult day.
Bring a bit of sparkle into your life.

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