Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OUR Pukka Place

Take a walk around our new place, sure it needs a little renovations and a few additions, but we are really excited by has so much potential.
Above is the front wall, and what will become the west courtyard with the addition of another wall and removal of a thorn tree fence- I don't want that job!
Our new kitchen will be here in what is currently the goat's bedroom.
The current kitchen, with a wall I think it will become our bedroom.
Looking through the goat's room/ kitchen you can see the second large courtyard...that row of rooms needs a new thatch roof and will become Zac's bedroom and the studio, with an enclosed verandah...

This row of rooms are lockable and with a roof,
the outdoor verandah we will enclose.
Measuring the depth of the well, we need a new pump and will have beautiful fresh sweet ground water
Praveen in the new dining room, and a view down the block...we can grow bajra / millet in the back paddock, if it rains in July.

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