Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Stitching Project

It almost feels like having a baby, it is such hard work....but finally we have given birth to our first finished piece!!
I am so pleased with it, and unlike other births I have particpated in this one is straight out the door. Not even time to put it in my shop!
It has been promised to Robyn of Florafauna Studio in New York State. Robyn is going to be our person in the States for our if you want to have a look or a feel - do drop in.
Give her a big hug for me, she is a great lady, for whom I have enjoyed teaching for in the past and now she has started this new venture of a shop in her studio so it is a big beginning for her as well.
So I am feeling rather pleased, have lots of other ideas of how the pieces might be assembled  and individual squares for the crafty to assemble themselves.
Please email me with enquiries,
or if you know someone who might like to stock our product
or if you want something for yourself!!
Or you have any suggestions...thanks
oooh- blogger said not to put an email address as I will be spammed so go to our website, you'll find me.
[hope spammers can't read this]

More waiting in the parking lot to get out on the road!

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