Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reincarnation does exist...

Rincarnation does exist!! at least in the textile world.
These pants are proof,
the decoration on them is strips of indigo dyed, batiked, appliced, embroidered fabric I bought second hand in Vietnam...there, there is a great tradition of re-cycling textiles into another life once this need for them has passed.
I asked about wearing the fabric myself and was told "No problems"
and sewed it onto a pair of trousers.
The texture of Vietnamese textiles is extraudinary all the layers of work create almost a bas relief sculptural effect.

Well, I wore the first pair of pant until they had holes in them, and realised I could not do with our them so cut the strips off and appliced then onto some new fabric.
This time I am using Hemp cloth from Vietnam; local to Sapa, a strong cloth I expect many years of pleasure in this reincarnation!

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