Saturday, April 10, 2010

Textile Traditions of Vietnam's North- 2010

Ahh has a flavour to saviour in your memeory or better yet in your mouth, a yummy morning ritual.
Hanoi, busy, layers of old and new, beautiful trees, it all comes flooding back when I arrive - the beauty and peaceful chaos of the streets

Everything is fresh, fresh, fresh
Our first port of call outside Hanoi was Tam Coc, an area that specialises in fine embroidery [for the last 700 years or so!] Now to meet market needs they produce excelent table linen and bedlinen. This was a special commission, 60 people [I was going to say ladies but there was one older gentleman] w
I am currently traveeling with a great bunch of ladies, very interesting and interested in what we are doing, some are stitchers, some are not but all are enjoying giving it a go!
We are now in Sapa and about to hit the Saturday market- always a most interesting day!

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