Monday, April 12, 2010

Imgaes I liked....
this is the home in our Home Stay...charming
Not all was fun and games!! we had fun and work to make our dinner in a cooking class...and all hope to do some when we get home.
Potato Vegetable
4 large Potatoes. Peel, slice into rounds
Add a slurp of oil to pan,
Gently fry garlic, add potato, sauté a little
Then add 2 tomatoes, chopped, cook until potatoes ready,
Add salt, fresh dill

Spring Onion Wrappers
Omelette with chives, cut into fingers
Steam some spring onions,
Serve bowl of
Vietnamese mint

Assemble little bunches of herbs and omelette -wrap in spring onion and eat with dipping sauce.
NOTE could use pork fillet strips, fried tofu fingers or prawns instead of omelette

Dipping Sauce

Fine mince -
Red chilli
1 Table spoon lie juice
2T fish sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
2- 3 Tablespoon water
Whisk together
----dip away!!

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CarmWhite said...

Great post -- greatly enjoying your travels.