Tuesday, April 27, 2010

oh India!! hit, hot, hot....

It is so hot my computer does not want to work properly....so I got up extra early to get things done before it got too hot and we had a power outage, so the computer did not work because of not enough electricity!!

Some days!!
House is progressing nicely in the Legoland way of building, big square walls of the most beautiful stacked and cemented stone, wish I could leave it raw but it would be such a dust trap and also poor Praveen would faint! When you come from a place with everything old you like something new and shiny, when your background is a country that is mostly quite recent in its buildings you might have more of a taste for the old and weathered looking. Makes for many comprimises on both our parts- we know what the other likes; mostly it is the opposite of what we like....still we know from experience if we work together and listen to each other we will end up somewhere we are both happy.
 We need to be constantly on site as all plans are done verbally nothing is written down....
still pictures to follow it is ssssssooooooo exciting.

What I wanted to do was get pics up of our recent trip to West Bengal and Jharakand- and some of the beautiful textiles we bought...a few pics are on my new Facebook Page "Pukka Finds" rest will come on our website when the heat allows.

hopefully going to load more photos before computer stats to fidget! and off to the blockprinters today- always nice to anticipate the lovely transformed fabrics they will send back to me

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