Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Up in the mountains- textile heaven

Sapa, I can see such changes happening in Vietnam, tourism is a double edged sword...it brings a small, small measure of prosperity and on the other side is wiping out many traditional routines. While it is bringing some small benefits to the local Hill people it is mostly richer traders from the lkow lands who are reaping most of the benefits and sending money back home far away.
Buy local, check out what the people who are local have to show...they are easy to spot they wear the fabulous garments, indigo dyed, hand stitched, most are about 4 foot 6 inches high.
I could spot my ladies easily as they were often like lighthouses in an indigo sea with much laughter eminating from the direction.
We really did start to notice where venders came from and chooce wisely where to spend our cash and good will. It was a satisfying feeling.
Below, in the home of Mrs Za...the doorway into the kitchen...hanging around and chatting.

Visiting a local home Mrs Za was very generous taking us in from the hot sun, conversation was slow with our Pang acting as interpreter, but who needs to hurry anyway?
Above all the ladies who were 56 in the house.
Bac Ha Markets- good for so many things.
A very large and busy local market witha corner for tourists....good experience because the focus is really local.
hmmm happy days.....

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Arlenesfelt said...

Fiona, your excursions look wonderful, magical even. Thanks for sharing.