Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Pukka Home

Off to Delhi at the moment- Syria tomorrow!!
I am so enjoying the process of building our house -This is really something special we are creating.
Though I will be bursting for regular updates from Praveen as to how things are going.
When I get back all the walls will be up and the roof on so most of present crew will be gone....they are such great workers I am so grateful for the calm and patient energy they are building into our home.
I made choclate cake this morning for morning tea -everyone was impressed I was making it with my own hands [Praveen is lovely he does like to brag about me] as a thank you and good bye because I will be away for 2 weeks.
We invited everyone to our house warming party when we have it....I do hope they come..hard to tell with these things sometimes as with caste and social standing many might be very shy.
Praveen and I know a lot of people from all  levels and we either like them or not because of who they are but I knwo a lot of people make decisions based on other criteria...oh well. It will be a few more months yet but you are aslo welcome so be there! or be square as my son would say.
Bringing in the kitchen roof girder

and up there it has to go...not even a pulley to use...
Just 11 men and 3 women [yes I threw the camera down] and a lot of grunts and chanting together....
Madame on the left is one of our wonderful crew...she makes endless cups of excellent chai and carries cement or rocks on her head the rest of the day, day in day out...
This is the second courtyard we are onto, the end section will be the Pukka Studio, the closer doorway Zac's room [ he does have plans for a miny castle down the back] so it will become a guest room...
Some of our lovely crew at morning tea...one guy was amking a joke about being like the monkeys on the side of the road into Pushkar relishing thier sweet treats brought by visitors.
What a wonderful group of people- we are privaledged to have their energy go into our house

PS off to Syria...no images could be uploaded last years so you'll need to stay tuned for 2 weeks for pics...just like i will with the house!

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