Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pukka Components- Blockprint

This is the family we work with for our blockprint designs, They are such nice people it is a pleasure to do business. Rajwi-ji the husband is so quiet but has an intellegent and amused smile is in his eyes, his wife Madame is a real card, even not understanding a lot of Hindi she has me in stitches!

We asked them to print the fabric we use for our hotel bed linen 18 months ago, it has been in constant use since then  and our laundrey wallah does something that gets them white [hate to ask what he uses!]
Through all that the bloockprint has stayed true even though he managed to completey bleach out the decoartive red strip I had on the sheets. Yeh for the blockprinters!
Now we are working on a range of co-ordinating designs for quilters as well as bespoke fabrics to go into other people's orders.
Keep an eye on this website,  this is our first order of bespoke articles for a client [very exciting as you can imagine!!]we have had fabric printed that will be made up into Kurta for Mary and detailing will be handstitched by the ladies of our The Stitching Project.
Keep an eye out for a young lady from Gresford just starting her first range...some of her fabrics are printed through us! She is still setting things up so I have no links but as her Mum is my best mate I know I will have lots of pics of her first fashion parade in September.
some of our new designs....more colours promised for this evening!! yippee.

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