Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pukka Components- Silk Chenille Kits and other things

Mangoes are starting to slow down in the market- all the big luscious golden ones are getting hard to find, but i have discovered the joys of bullet shaped ones that are green skinned and golden inside- a little firm and so easy to cut. Not stringy like the softer ones can be.
Besides just being a pig and gobbling doen fresh I finally got around to trying out a Mango Curry my mate Steve gave me the recipe for....
amazing hot, spicy and a little sweet!
Mango Curry [from Steve- I think Madhyr Jaffrey gave the recipe to him in her cookbook]
to boil
3 under ripe mangoes
1 t chilli powder
1 t tumeric
to grind
75 g coconut 
3 green chilli
1/2 t cumin
to sizzle
2T coconut oil
1/4 t mustard seed
3 dried red chilli- broken up
10- 12 curry leaves
1.  boil first items for 8- 10 mins
2.  add the ground items and cook a further 10 mins or so
3.  whilst that is happening sizzle the last things the pic I am using a large spoon over the flames a friend showed my this, saying this is how her Mum did it- cuts down on washing up.
4.  at last minute stir the sizzle through and serve. Yum
Served with chapatis, a mung bean dal, Middle Eastern beetroot salad and Cucumbers dressed with garlic, fennel seeds and yoghurt, what a fusion of colour and flavour. It is perfectly alright to mix cuisines if the flavours suit each other- I recon...
Had in mind some more kits as part of Pukka Components and finally starting to make headway with getting them organized....this is a pre-packaged item all ready to go into craft and supply shops. Can you recomend some for me to contact? Instrucions for stitching on our website as well. For sale on etsy or directly from me.
da dahhhh- drum roll, please

Pukka Components-Silk Chenille Kits

Yeh another job done!! Happy days.
Praveen is suffering at the moment, bit grumpy with ciggarette good to have something to hide away and do....don't think him too horrible he really is usually very cheerful person so it is quiet confusing for him, I think, to feel so miserable....poor love, but he IS NOT smoking which is sooooo good. He has gone cold turkey after 20 years of 40+ per day....

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