Sunday, June 27, 2010

The week that was- whew!!

Monsoon is late!!! After all the weather reports saying it was on time and going to be good this year!!
and it is hot, hot, hhhhooootttt!!!! Does that give you a hint of my feelings?.....way over 40'C [something like 112- 120 +'F for the old style people] day and night....our present house is warm in winter because we have a huge 2 foot thick, 3 storey wall facing due west and a sweat box in summer.

I know it was Saturday yesterday because the priest left this on outr front door- it arrives each week and you hang it in your entrance to invoke a blessing on the house and repel negative energy...I wonder if he will continue to deliver at our new house?
New house is almost there....and those last parts take for ever!!
Plumber is doing his bit nicely....electrician said he would turn up 2 days his phone is switched off and we asre still waiting- probably had some wedding he had to go to...when someone here makes a date to do something, or have something ready at a certain time they never, never ever!!!!!! take into consideration things like weddings or religious days that will crop up. And here in India those things are like a "get out of jail free" one can complain about you being unreliable.
Can you hear me? I am definitely testy thanks to the heat! and waiting in the heat!!
Now I drive the car is mine....and poor Praveen is back on our bike...which means it has to be parked in our current kitchen each night. I have made it ver clear at the new house it is out in the lockable courtyard only for it!! I do love being his girlie and sitting on the back to cruise around... :)
Many lovely things have happened this last week.
I have a new assisitant and he is actually assisiting me, keen to do my paper work- accurately and timely and run around doing a million othe rlittle jobs that crop up....all with care and looking at detailsHere he is - don't be put off by the deadpan photo- I caught him by surprise....still getting used to a willing assisitant and realising how discretely difficult the last one was.
Happy days- we have a lot on and our duty to our business is to run it responsibly so it can grow, we can look after customers and everyone is happy!! that means lots of tracking things and paperwork!!
Rajendra loves putting things in serial order "Most important, madame" he says and "accurate records madame,  most important"  He is English is basic but he is happy to request you explain until he gets something, mostly he is quick to pick things up and so pleased to balance books- yeh!! Thank you Gods!As I might have mentioned I gave a few of my mates some of my blockprint fabric to test run...and this came from Dawn this the way the colours seem to flow in and out of each other- clever girl!!
we will have the pattern available for anyone purcahsing our fabrics....she is also waiting for orders with bated breath as her commision is more fabric!
My friend Robin of Luckystone Studio in upstate New York has some of our stitched squares which she has been selling like good to get that type of feedback. Have a look at her new website and and drool over the workshop line up she has organized this summer. She has organized workshops for me in the past and what a pleasure she is to work for...she really puts the needs of the students and teacher first and does an outstanding job...I know she puts the same warmth into the classes she is so lovely to see your friends grow in their careers- she is one sweet lady I admire.
Last but not least our house
View out dinig room door along the Terrace to the Pukka Studio door at the other end....almost there and ooohhhh so exciting!

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Janette said...

Awesome to see your dream coming to life Fiona!Both the business and the house/studio. Congratulations.