Thursday, July 15, 2010

Foodie thoughts

I love to cook and ever since I was a wee child I have copied my grandmaother's example and collected recipes....still do here and we have a few good shows on cable.
Being lazy and distracted the other day I started poking around blog pages and found some beauties as well....I have to be very careful I could get addicted to peaking at them all- there is really only so many new recipes you can try out each day!!

Here is my latest favourite potato recipe- the sesame seeds are just sensational.
This recipe needs to be eaten fresh, it is not as exciting re-heated the next day. [Potato Mappas, another one I think I have written up using cocnut milk, is sensational second day!]

Anadan Potato

Boil 4 potato – cut into largish chunks.
1. make marsala-
 2t coriander seed
- 1 t cumin seed
- 2 t sesame seeds
Roast and grind and set aside - this is #1 marsala- you have enogh for 2 or 3 meals so put excess in a storage jar- you will want to eat this dish again!
2. caramelise 3 onions
3. add blended
 – 8-10 garlic cloves
- 3-4 green chilli
- 1” ginger
- Bunch fresh coriander
Simmer a few minutes
4. add 5 skinned and crushed tomatoes heat through, simmer few minutes
5. add potatos
6.  add 2-3 t of #1.marsala
7. stir through and cook 1min
8. enjoy!!
From Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Tikkas [] I think perhaps modified a little.

Here is a list of blogs I have found that I enjoy- all great Indian food experiences.

Blogs to watch

• TalaDalal
• Love all the dals on this page- dalis a main event here each day!!
• Seduce your tastebuds very informative centring on Hydrabadi Food- great research from Chennai

Have a look through these you should find something to tickle your taste buds!!

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