Tuesday, July 13, 2010

picnic at Our Pukka

We had our picnic the other day at our place...hoping it would be the first time alone there togther....not to bad only 6 various people came through whilst we were there.

Still wegot to hang out in the garden courtyard and chatted for a while, mapped out how to plant the garden there- I know it looks like a giant sand pit but a little TLC and water and it will be transformed!

Sunset from the living room door
The back paddock...see that flush of green, one large shower of rain and the landscape starts to transform...the hills around town are turning more green every day. It only happens when the monsoon weather pattern is here, then all quickly disapperas again.
Found these old shoes in the Studio Courtyard, makes me wonder what the worker walked home in?

Building here is really in the Fred Flintstone school, can you see the stone that is the basis of our kitchen cupboards, it will be faced with marble or actually I think black Madrassi stone....white tiles on the wall it will be very schmick!!
Mrs Rajwir, our blockprint lady has a new baby boy...she wanted a girl but he is gorgeous anyway....there she is with her Mum. She has the most wonderful laugh and sense of humor...it is what they mean by an infectiuos laugh, so lovely just to be around her.

Oh Pushkar!

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